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Tour Rates

 $81.00US Per Passenger
(Reflects a 14 day Advance Booking Discount)
 Minimum age 12yrs

Tour Times : Starting at 9:00am

Approx 3-1/2 hours






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St. Maarten America's Cup Excursion

St. Maarten America's Cup Sailing Excursion

Voted the number 1 Cruise Excursion in the world, period. Be Dennis Connor for theAmerica's Cup Yacht Race St. Maarten day and race two multi million dollar race boats neck and neck in the turquoise waters of Great Bay, Philipsburg.

After an entertaining and informative briefing dockside, you head out to these thoroughbred racing vessels onboard specially designed tender boats. These beautiful yachts are the impressive result of cutting edge yacht design with one goal in mind, to lift the Americas Cup at all cost. The boats are some of the fastest sailing yachts in the world, and its a rare opportunity not only to sail on onboard one, but to get really involved, and actually race like a professional yachtsman. The great thing is, no previous sailing experience is required!

You get to take the controls and start your practice session out on the course. As you ready for the race, the adrenalin starts to flow, the flag is raised andAmerica's Cup Sailing Race St. Maarten 12 meter regatta your off! You are the crew, and winning depends on you. Its hard and fast action as the boats jostle for position and no quarter is given in the quest for line honors. Tactics play just as big a part as muscle power for the teams. There is nothing more mind focusing than two very expensive yachts on a collision course, with a last minute tack to gain that minute advantage over the other team.

There is frantic action all round as orders are shouted and courses and sails are adjusted for the maximum speed. From grinder, to sail trimmer, to “cold beer dispenser” (drinks are included), there is a crew position to suit you, based on how much you want to be involved in the sailing of the boats.

At the Clubhouse, following a celebratory post race "Rum Punch", you can also browse the Americas Cup St Maarten America's Cup Yacht Race memorabilia room, and learn about the rich and often bizarre history of these boats and this most famous (and expensive) of Yacht races.  This is a really unique and exhilarating excursion, and is exceptionally well run and organized by its experienced and enthusiastic owners.

Based a convenient 10 minute walk from the ship, its handily situated to carry on to downtown after the tour, and do some sightseeing and shopping. Definitely a St Maarten highlight for all the family to get excited about and a must do activity for St Maarten.


You can enjoy this tour as a private charter for your family or group, as well as on a per person basis.

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State of the Art Race Yachts

Full Sail Ahead

Race Practice

St. Maarten Americas Cup Sailboat St Maarten 12 meter sailing challenge

Excitement & Power

No Quarter Given!

Learning the Tactics

America's Cup Sailing Regata in St. Maarten St. Martin America's Cup Sailing Regata in St. Maarten America's Cup Race in St. Maarten

Adrenalin Laden Racing

Neck & Neck

The Finish Line

America's Cup Sailboats St Martin America's Cup Sailing Regata in St. Maarten America's Cup Sailing Regata in St. Maarten




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Tour Rates

 $81.00US Per Passenger
(Reflects a 14 day Advance Booking Discount)
 Minimum age 12yrs

Tour Times : Starting at 9:00am

Approx 3-1/2 hours