Per SNUBA Diver.

We Refund

We guarantee a full refund of your excursion deposit if your ship can not make it into the port of St Maarten

Excursion Highlights
  • Explore the San Juan underwater World!
  • No experience necessary, no certification required.
  • Fun excursion for the entire Family!
  • Transport is included in the cost of the excursion!
  • Only 8 passengers per tour.
  • 1,5hr excursion -- 45 minutes SNUBA dive time.
Please Note
  • The minimum age to participate is 8yrs of age.

  • Certain medical requirements must be met to participate on this tour. If you would like to review our medical questionnaire, we are happy to email it to you in advance so you can discuss any concerns with your doctor.

  • You have to ensure that after participating in this activity you rest for 24 hours prior to boarding a flight.